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credit: Jihyukblue @YT

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Yesterday, Supernova held their anticipated fanmeeting, the last one in Japan before leader Yoonhak’s enlistment on October 25th. The meeting, which was held in Saitama Super Arena earlier today, had 20,000 fans in attending and had been sold out weeks before.

Maknae Geonil was sure to make the event have a good start by asking the group’s fans to have fun. “Since this is the biggest arena we’ve ever had a fan meeting in, please enjoy it to the end”.

As the event was partly a goodbye stage for its leader, Supernova performed 12 songs next to having a chat where members started asking questions as “which member do you love the most?”, “why are you always later?” “Why do you only do arm workouts”, leaving leader Yoonhak flustered.

Near the end of the show, Yoonhak went on a balloon ride, meeting his fans on the 2nd and 3rd floor as he requested to meet them. It was followed by video messages by all the members, after which Yoonhak himself turned to his fans and group members and read a letter he’d prepared before the show.

“To everyone here and everyone who supports Supernova as well as…
I am, right now, really happy. Truly happy. I’m happier than everyone else on this planet. Because you’re here for me I’m able to stand on this splendid stage. Me and the members are able to grow because of your support.

The dreams I had when we were rookies as well as the things I wanted to do, during these 2 and a half short years I’ve been able to fulfill and do a lot of those thanks to your support. Lately I think a lot of you have been worried and sad, but please don’t worry!

The 6 of us will always be together. To show Milky way even better sides of ourselves we promise to work even harder from now on. Do you know? To the members I’m the leader of Supernova. But my leader is ‘all of you’!

You’re always giving me advice and supporting me… you’re truly my strength… While I’m gone please create a road for my beloved brothers to walk on. I promise to finish my military duties safely and to return as a more grown up Yoonhak.

Thank you all for coming to Supernova’s fan meeting and creating this wonderful time for us. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. I pray you’ll all stay healthy and happy (while I’m gone). Thank you all for everything and please look after me from now on as well!”

The fanmeeting ended in an emotional state with lots of tears and fans cheering on Supernova. Later the same day, Yoonhak also revealed a short letter, titled “For You”, to his fans through his official Japanese blog, thanking them for the meeting they’d had before.

Thank you so much for today.

Even though I had decided I wouldn’t cry,
when I looked at all of you I couldn’t hold back my feelings ToT

What did you think about the solo?

To all Milky ways
To everyone I’ve had the pleasure to work with
The 5 members of Supernova

Thank you so much!!!!

I’m the happiest person on this planet^o^
Please look after Supernova from now on as well!!!

ps. My eyes are swollen because I took the picture after the show ended ToT (see at the top of this article)

Source: news24, @asako2011, ameblo and muilla

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credit: only_cherisha

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[111012] [SCANS] NHK Stella Weekly

credit: only_cherisha

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[NEWS] Supernova ranked 2nd on Oricon Chart!

Not long after their new album – 4U was released, the album has climbed on to 2nd place in the Oricon chart. In that daily album ranking chart, Supernova was ranked on 2nd place after the 8EIGHT8 with only 498 differences. The new album which has listed 3 new tracks from them are actually 3 of the best songs from them (in my own opinion) obviously the boys has improved a lot with their talents as the rappers also sings in their “For You” song. The three playful rappers show off their sweet and soft voice while singing in that ballad song. I honestly feel so proud with them. How I wish I could see a Korean comeback by now but we have to accept this obvious fact, the boys are at their peak now at Japan and that is enough to make me feel happy… gwenchana~ they’ll be back and rock on their own country soon. kekeke.

Dear Milky ways, don’t forget to purchase their ‘4U album’, let’s help the boys to get #1 in oricon before our dear Hakie oppa goes to the army~ matta ne~ 🙂

picture credit to: Starlight Choshinsung Philippines

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