[NEWS] Supernova ranked 2nd on Oricon Chart!

Not long after their new album – 4U was released, the album has climbed on to 2nd place in the Oricon chart. In that daily album ranking chart, Supernova was ranked on 2nd place after the 8EIGHT8 with only 498 differences. The new album which has listed 3 new tracks from them are actually 3 of the best songs from them (in my own opinion) obviously the boys has improved a lot with their talents as the rappers also sings in their “For You” song. The three playful rappers show off their sweet and soft voice while singing in that ballad song. I honestly feel so proud with them. How I wish I could see a Korean comeback by now but we have to accept this obvious fact, the boys are at their peak now at Japan and that is enough to make me feel happy… gwenchana~ they’ll be back and rock on their own country soon. kekeke.

Dear Milky ways, don’t forget to purchase their ‘4U album’, let’s help the boys to get #1 in oricon before our dear Hakie oppa goes to the army~ matta ne~ 🙂

picture credit to: Starlight Choshinsung Philippines

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