hyee everyone~ as all of you know, this blog is managed by three admins and all of us are from Malaysia as this blog is Supernova Malaysia Blog… this is our first try to create an easy way for Choshinsung fans to know their updates by providing you any info or updates about them that can be share by other people… if we do make mistake during the updates, please do politely tell us and we will fix that mistake as soon as possible 🙂 thank you for all your support to our blog.. ♥

please contact us if you have any question about this blog.. we will try to help you as far as we can. Thank you 😉

♥ Admin Yat ♥
Nickname : YatluvG
Date of birth : 19th November 1990

♥ Admin Makila ♥
Nickname : Syakikoonorami
Date of Birth : 20th April 1994

♥ Admin Azza ♥
Nickname : Flourrie
Date of Birth : 1st November 1990


7 Responses to Admins

  1. sonjekun says:

    I have a question, I register in akp but dont receive any mails for my u know why, cus i see u Syakikoonorami in akp comment, so i ask u. thanks

  2. okay since i saw this, i’ll just try to help u. even i’m not, what type of account do u use? i means like yahoo, hotmail etc. cause i’ve made a new account too since my previous account that i made using yahoo doesn’t working for me. then i try using hotmail and works. maybe u should register a new ones with diff accounts rather than yahoo or the account that u’ve use to register akp, then. good luck!

    • sonjekun says:

      oh thanks much!
      I use Yahoo. 1 day later, i received my password so it is ok now
      I guess yr account in akp and YT is Flourie, er dont remember exactly cuz I see yr name, haha anw nice to meet u
      let spread virus called CSS. >_<

  3. yukiko-chan says:

    hi! I have just opened a new blog about choshinsung! can i afiliate ?
    this is my blog!

  4. yukiko-chan says:

    thank you!!

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